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Modelling Prime Diesel Electric Generator Fuel Consumption across Genset Sizings


This study investigates a general model for fuel consumption of prime diesel generators within a set range of loadings. The model is parametrized by the rated power output, or sizing, of a generator. This research gives insight into generator fuel consumption characteristics across a wider population of generators to provide a general estimate of fuel consumption for a given sizing. Manufacturer data sheets containing fuel consumption measurements are collected online and through electric power utilities in the Canadian territories for 40 unique diesel generator sizings. The sizing group effects are accounted for through a non-pooled and multilevel regression. Subsequent estimates of linear parameters across generator sizings are modelled through ordinary least squares to obtain the desired model for fuel consumption. The generality and adequacy of this model is investigated through simulation and selected fresh data sources. The general model for prime diesel generator fuel consumption serves as a useful estimate or approximation for subsequent work that requires a general fuel efficiency estimate.

In 2020 IEEE Electric Power and Energy Conference.

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